Howayda Moussa & Hanadi Chehab are the creative minds behind Australian luxury brand Integrity Boutique. Integrity Boutique designs are renowned for their elegance, beauty and timeless styles for the confident and beautiful.

Established in 2009 by best friends, designers, and sisters Howayda and Hanadi. Integrity Boutique was borne out of the need for elegant yet fashion-forward clothing. Within a year of opening a small store, they moved to their flagship store in Bankstown Central which is currently one of the longest running fashion boutiques in Australia. The brand quickly grew from an Australian based following to servicing loyal customers across the globe.

Both Howayda and Hanadi began to gain recognition for the quality of their workmanship and eye for unique designs, and rose rapidly. The collaboration of both designers transformed their Ready-To-Wear brand into a luxury Evening wear brand, Atelier Couture by their unique reverie designs. This developed an approach that is tailored to each individual. This is characterised by closely working with each client to develop a personalised couture experience and ultimately, their gown. Their signature statement dresses have led to an ever-increasing local and international client list.