Our Atelier Couture range is an ornate collection featuring an array of captivating handmade creations by using intricate detailing, textures and craftsmanship.

The design, construction and fitting process can take a minimum of six to twelve weeks or more depending on the gown.

The process of creating a custom gown is as follows:

  • Date of occasion will be discussed prior to any custom orders.
  • After trying a range of different designs, a decision will be made regarding colour, style and design.
  • A price will be discussed before any measurements are taken.
  • Once you confirm all details and pricing, your measurement will be taken according to the style of your custom gown.
  • After all relevant details are recorded, you will then be asked to read over our custom contract and sign to proceed with your order.
  • An estimated date of arrival is given to you upon placing the order.
  • Integrity Boutique requires a 50% non-refundable deposit to start the production of your custom gown.
  • Integrity Boutique will contact you as soon as the gown arrives in store. Please keep in mind this may be 6 -12 weeks after the order is placed.

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